The North is geographically and culturally diverse. In many ways we are more different than alike, thousands of kilometers separate us, we are incomparable yet are often corralled under the title of the “north”.

The light ties us together; there’s something about the light. It governs our year, it transcends the framework of the traditional seasons, it is part of the fabric of who we are as northerners. The winter solstice marks the darkest time of the year yet also the return of the light. The summer solstice emboldens us to make the most of the long hours of light and prepare for the coming winter.

Light is the theme of From the North. It can be interpreted in many ways: how the light shapes our days and changes us as people, the absence of light-darkness, light as a release, a tone, the northern lights, a spirit from within.

From the North: A travelling show from Yukon, NWT & Nunavut is a signature Canada 150 event featuring performing and visual artists and Inuit and Dene athletes from all three territories in a showcase of the North’s diverse, vibrant cultures.